Nintendo Wii Games For All Ages

We cannot deny the fact that Nintendo Wii is one of the best game consoles today. Wii has surpassed the sales made by PlayStation of Sony, and the Xbox 360 of Microsoft. Both consoles are focused on more serious games, but when it comes to casual gaming, Wii does a great job of making games more fun. Unlike the PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo Wii was able to open new markets for game console including women, children and even the elderly.Although Wii is known for its casual games, we cannot say that this console is running out of war simulation and other games which are preferred by hardcore gamers. In fact, Nintendo can even compete with Sony and Microsoft when it comes to the traditional market of consoles – real gamers. Here are some of the best games that can be played with Wii:Super Mario Galaxy 2Super Mario, is there a person living today who haven’t played this classical game? Nintendo brought Super Mario Galaxy back to life after its first release a few years ago. This game will definitely rock the world of us Super Mario fans.No More Heroes 2: Desperate StruggleIf you are looking for action, then why don’t you try this game and find out what you can get when you combine Ninjas and Jedi Knights. If you are looking for a lot of action when playing games, then you definitely need to get your hands in to this game. Packed with mind-blowing graphics and high definition audio, I can say that this game is definitely one of its kind.Red Steel 2Swords and guns, if you love these weapons, then Red Steel 2 has a lot to offer for you. Choose from hundreds of weapons and fight for survival. With the help of the versatile capacities of Wii remote, you will never forget how great this game is.